Stranden Boa Vista

Beaches and watersports

Boa Vista offers over 50 kilometres of elongated and deserted sandy beaches Boa Vista which makes it ideal for beach lovers.

It’s a wonderful place for Kite surfers and wind surfers, because of the pleasant temperatures and favourable winds. The clear water with many fish and wrecks make Boa Vista very suitable for wonderful diving


Varandinha beach is not only a nature reserve, bird sanctuary and excellent (advanced) kite surf spot but also a very beautiful and mystical beach. It lies at the foot of the desert and has a beautiful sandy beach. The visit to the cave of Varandinha is therefore a must go.


Santa Monica is a beach stretched over 16 kilometres. It is also a popular location for tours. It is so huge that despite its popularity, it is still a deserted beach.


Estoril beach has very nice beach clubs.

The beach is in the bay right next to Sal Rei. The island which lies in front of Sal Rei protect the beach  against high waves and is very suitable for swimming, to kite and to stay with children.


Boa Vista has many beaches that are accessible with a 4x4 or quad. For the real "alone in the world" experience at "the end of the world" these beaches are perfect.


Surfing and supping

Baia Varandinha, Sal Rei Estoril Praia Cabral, Chaves and the east coast of the island (Only in the ‘turtle off season’ and with a 4x4) are perfect places for kite surfing, wind surfing, surfing or suppen. A pleasant change from waves and wind make these places suitable for various water sports without getting in each other's way.

Surfing and supping


The reefs around the island make the waters around Boa Vista a place where many (big) fish do their cleaning.

The little green bay turtles are not shy and sometimes even come to say hello.

Around Boa Vista lie many wrecks of sunken boats. This is for many fish a pleasant (artificial) reef.

You can make a special meeting during the dive or snorkel tour with the peaceful and harmless nurse shark. Snorkel with these beasts is possible around Baia das Gatas. They can become almost two meters long and are very friendly. During whale season you can hear the whales singing under water and if you are lucky they have a swim next to you.